Punjab: Authorities to stop migrants moving on foot

Punjab: Authorities to stop migrants moving on foot

Chandigarh: Punjab government on Saturday issued instructions for containing the migrants walking down to their faraway home destinations which raised humanitarian concerns.

The order was issued today by Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Punjab, Satish Chandra to all the divisional and district level civil and police authorities.

This followed a communication from the Union Home Secretary to the state government on May 15, 2020 to ensure that there was no movement of migrant workers on roads and railway tracks.

Accordingly, all the district authorities have been instructed to set up temporary centres for the workers on the move besides counseling and persuading them not to walk on foot.

The authorities have also been asked to arrange maximum possible number of buses and trains and allow all activities in accordance with the state government guidelines.

The latest instructions from the Centre for arranging special buses and trains have come even as the state government has already been facilitating migrants’ transport to the railway stations from the dwelling places by buses and free rail travel to their home states on daily basis.

Since May 5, 2020, more than 100 trains carrying migrants to their home states have already departed from different railway stations in Punjab. And the process is on.

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  1. Government is trying to provide transportation services to the workers. There is a great suffering for such people. They are suffering terribly.


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