Haryana police to act against New York-based SFJ

Haryana police to act against New York-based SFJ
Manoj Yadava, Director General of Police, Haryana

Chandigarh: Taking a strong note of the recorded telephonic message purportedly released by a New York based pro-Khalistan group the Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), the Director General of Police (DGP), Haryana  Manoj Yadava said that Haryana Police will take appropriate action against him under the relevant provisions of the law.

As per initial investigations, the DGP said it appeared that a New York based citizen, identified as Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of the SFJ had made recorded telephonic messages claiming Haryana people have always stood against the interest of Punjab and Sikhs.

This person is intentionally trying to spread mischievous and unsubstantiated information, disturb the peace and brotherhood among the people of both the States. Any attempt by him to disturb the peace would not be tolerated, said the DGP warning anyone indulging in such acts to face penal action.  

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