Invisible Foe: A Class 9 student’s take on Covid-19. Will you read?

Invisible Foe: A Class 9 student’s take on Covid-19. Will you read?

Editor’s Note: Writer of this piece, Harkirat Singh is a student of Class 9 at Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab. In his own words, he owes his passion of writing to his school and teachers. offers this media platform to young writers like him.

Martin Luther King, Jr. famously said: “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope” rings true as ever before when we talk about COVID-19 that has caught and hit the entire world and set in global pessimism given its fatal impact.

Never in the chronicles of public health, a pandemic threatened the humankind and caused pain on the present scale. Novel coronavirus or COVID-19, as it is known as, is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus-2 (SARS-COV-2) which was first identified in Wuhan, China in December, 2019. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared it Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30, 2020.  

COVID-19 has adversely affected the humans way of life. It has brought about an unforeseen revolution in our lives. It has influenced the educational systems worldwide, leading to complete closure of schools, universities and colleges. But it has also introduced the new method of e-learning besides familiarizing us with term Social Distancing. Now people wearing masks is a common sight reminding us of some alien characters in some science fiction movie. We have come to learn the importance of sanitization.

To be on the positive side, we should look at this period as a lesson for a better future life.

At the time of COVID-19 outbreak in other parts of the world and while still attending school, we were informed comprehensively about coronavirus by our science teacher. But at that juncture, I didn’t perceive it might affect our lives in a catastrophic manner. Now I realize that we should acknowledge each and every lesson the pandemic has taught us.

The foremost lesson is that we should communicate more with parents and grandparents. Due to the advancement of technology, parents and their children became so engrossed in their gadgets like mobile phones and computers at the cost of their normal interaction. This affected ethics and mannerism in our daily lives. Now, that we have got time owing to the extended lockdown, we should make best use of it by interacting more with our parents, grandparents which should help us imbibe moral values more effectively and learn lessons of life from them.

It has been observed that cities have reported higher ratio of COVID-19 cases than in villages. This could mean that technological advancement and resultant pollution has had a damaging effect on people’s especially lungs. Let’s remember that this disease is concerned with respiratory system.

Another lesson to ponder upon is that this period has made us aware about the importance of our immune system. So, I think time has come that we should consume nutritious food instead of junk food besides learning importance of physical work. This probably explains the reason why people living in rural areas have better immunity to fight this deadly virus..

Futility of wasteful expenditure is another lesson that we may learn from the ongoing crisis. Strict compliance of the guideline limiting the number of guests at events like marriages could lead to reduction in costs which are a major drain on financial position of a common person. Moreover, wasteful expenditure on other social and family functions could also be eliminated this way. It is a common knowledge that such ostentatious tendencies have pushed families under debts.

Population explosion is one of the most significant factors due to which we are now facing lack of resources in dealing with the pandemic and the resource of COVID-19 testing being the most important one. If the government had taken note of this and followed by strict action, we would not have faced this situation. My view is that the government must try to control population explosion in the interest of future generations.

Encouraging expenditure on health by the government, to my mind, is another important lesson to learn. According to data, government spends Rs. 60.72 lakh Crore on health and it covers only 1.6 percent of the GDP. This is so inadequate! Government needs to spend more on healthcare as now this would make defence against the pandemic stronger.

We should realize that every incident happening in our lives has some hidden lesson for us along with its advantages and disadvantages. In the same manner, COVID-19 pandemic has its beneficial side too. Earlier, many people fond of junk food are now eating home cooked nutritious food which is a key factor ensuring their good health.

Another noticeable consequence is the rejuvenation of Nature taking place due to long pause in human activities during the lockdown. Rivers and local water bodies which were earlier polluted are now cleaner. Visibility of Himalayas from distant places has only been possible due to less pollution. We should try our best to maintain this level of cleanliness and beauty of Nature and doing so stop tempering with the elements of Creation.

Being a student, we should realize our responsibility to work hard and study as much as possible. During this period, we should also focus on the physical activities which may refresh us after studies. We should not waste our precious time in playing mobile games that may cause severe health problems in the long term. We can also utilize time in helping our parents in the household activities which will reduce their load.

COVID-19 is a new disease that has caused great impact on the people’s daily life. We, as a community of shared future, need to take strong collective and quick emergency steps in this battle against our common enemy. For our collective survival, we must follow the guidelines given to us by the government. Adapt to a new way of life by maintaining social distancing wearing face masks whenever we have to go outside homes and using sanitizer at regular intervals of time, till vaccine of COVID-19 is developed.

At last, I would like to convey that by the grace of Almighty hard times will end, and we will meet each other in the bloom time soon.

Author : Harkirat Singh
Disclaimer: Opinion/facts in this article are author's own and does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.

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  1. Great mature commentary on Corona times by the young Harkirat Singh.The lad holds promise to blossom into a prominent writer in later life.

  2. Very good and worthy lecture on covid-19 by a quiet young champ…..
    He covered all relevant aspects including parents role alongwith government…

    Good Harkirat, congratulations for this presentation..

  3. Excellent my friend ,keep the thoughts prevailing.You the next gen leader of awareness through your writings. Harkirat I am proud being your friend and a batch mate. Keep your shine glowing on the hawk white pages. Our generous blessings are with you.God bless You.

  4. Harkirat singh paid magnificent thoughts and efforts in this pandemic situation by this article…our blessings always with you…keep it up 👍


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