Punjab surgeon claims world’s first use of a new stent

Punjab surgeon claims world’s first use of a new stent

Mohali: A few days back, Gurjit  Singh (name changed) a sewadar at a Gurudwara in  Ambala City woke up with sudden pain in his right thigh. The pain was unbearable and he was rushed to Ivy Hospital, Mohali.

On examination and testing, it was found that there was an abnormal ballooning of his popliteal artery (a large artery behind the knee). This had blown out with a loss of over 2.5 litre of blood into the tissues.

This life-threatening large popliteal artery aneurysm was treated successfully with a newly introduced new stent, Covera Plus Vascular Covered Stent.

Dr Harinder Singh Bedi, Director of Cardio Vascular & Endovascular Sciences, Ivy Hospital, Mohali, who treated the patient, claimed that on thorough search of literature it was found that this new stent had never before been used in the world for this disease.

“The stent is specific for the use around knee joint and it is made of a special metal, nitinol which is very flexible and does not fracture even on repeated bending. It has been used for the first time in the world for such an indication,” said Dr Bedi.

Dr. Harinder Singh Bedi with the patient and holding the new device.

It was a delicate procedure as the stent has to be placed precisely. A mistake of even a few mm could lead to problems. The stent was positioned exactly at the tear and was then expanded to close it off. Post procedure, there was complete sealing of the tear. On knee movements, it was seen that the stent worked admirably well.

The conventional treatment is a major surgery where the aneurysm is excised and the damaged artery replaced with a vein or a synthetic graft. The patient being sick and anemic due to blood loss, was at a high risk for this procedure.

Thus an alternate plan was made to use a stent to block off the rent in the artery from inside, informed Dr Bedi who has earlier worked in Australia and Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi.

The patient is doing well.

Besides Dr. Bedi, other specialist doctors involved in this surgery included Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. Jiten Singh and Dr. Vikram Arora.

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  1. How much did it cost for the patient ?

    If the stent is in market,it’s trials must have been ensured by the manufacturers.


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