IPFT develops disinfectant spray for vegetables and fruits

IPFT develops disinfectant spray for vegetables and fruits

New Delhi: Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology (IPFT) claimed to have successfully developed two new technologies namely “Disinfectant spray for surface application” and “Disinfectant spray for Vegetables & fruits.”

In a statement by Gurugram-based IPFT,  an autonomous institution under the Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, New Delhi, has developed alcohol based “Disinfectant Spray” for the surface applications containing botanical anti-microbial which may be effective in prevention from various diseases caused by microbes, bacteria and virus.

A variety of surfaces like door handles, chair armrest, computer keyboard & mouse taps etc. may transmit microbes to the individuals through direct or indirect contact.

The formulation is volatile and evaporates quickly after disinfecting the surface and does not leave any stains, odor and residue etc. 

IPFT has also developed disinfectant spray to remove pesticide residues left over on the surface of fruits and vegetables.  Sometimes, non-judicious uses of pesticide contaminate raw vegetables and fruits as pesticide residues persist on their surface and can causes health risk upon consumption. 

To make fruits and vegetables 100 percent safe for human consumption, IPFT has developed a water-based formulation .The decontamination procedure using the formulation is simple; vegetables or fruits are soaked in the diluted solution of this formulation for 15-20 minutes thereafter rinsed with fresh water. 

This simple procedure makes fruits and vegetables totally pesticide free, claimed the statement.

Established in May 1991, IPFT has been working towards the development of safer, efficient and environment friendly pesticide formulations.

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